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No data is too obvious to publish

One of the main goals of the UF Ag-STEM lab is to help re-connect what have become separate, siloed disciplines: science and agriculture. I have a research publication out about the potential to do that in science centers:

I was also interviewed a couple of times about the associated UF press release:

Brownfield Ag Radio

Agritalk Radio (link is to a podcast from a local station. is the show’s page)

It’s funny, I thought this would be just one of those pretty obvious results (and I think it was), but it turned out to be pretty important. Sometimes we beat ourselves up trying to do massively innovative things, when there is often still room for some fundamental data collection and analysis.

Thank goodness, too, for great little journals that will publish these sorts of things!

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What does STEM mean to me?

I got a chance to look back at my former lab at Oregon State today:, and I saw Susan’s post asking what I think of as STEM? As those who know my career path might imagine, like Susan, I’ve had STEM, particularly science and math, in my world for almost as long as I can remember. I seem to vaguely remember an EZ-Bake oven-type toy, or at least wishing for one, and since I no longer cook, I think I was more interested in the science behind it all.

Apropos, then, that I find myself these days trying to help others realize the even broader meanings of STEM as I work to promote the connections among Agriculture and STEM. Just today in our lab meeting, we were talking about how to take what we’re developing as Disciplinary Core Ideas for Agriculture and match them up with the Next Generation Science Standards, and then Math standards.

So Susan, to me, STEM means (and maybe subconsciously has for a long time) something that affects all of us everyday – the integral role of agriculture and all it entails in our lives, particularly but not only food production and water management.

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