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The joy of results (and thank you conference deadlines for making us analyze data) #research #science #littlethings #ftw

Today was a joyous day … after a painful realization that failing to unhide rows in Excel and failing to uncheck the box in SPSS to ignore hidden cells meant I had run data on only 2 of 85 participants in one of my groups. Once I got that fixed, reset all the SPSS variable types to numeric despite changing the data in Excel to numbers, AND renamed all the SPSS labels (not just variable names), I finally hit the magic OK button and had interesting results! Hooray! This is the way real science research works, folks …

This wrapped up a nice day of revising a paper based on reviewer comments and several student meetings that got other projects kicked off or also found interesting data and minimal email hassles.


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Free-choice learning/informal education journals #sciengage #infscience #scicom #scicomm

Here’s a sometimes-updated list of journals I use for Free-choice learning and informal (science) education. AKA nonformal education (See my article Stofer, 2015 for more info on these terms) in the Cooperative Extension world. Please share and/or comment with suggestions!

Public Understanding of Science

International Journal of Science Education, Part B

Science communication:

Science Communication

Journal of Science Communication


Visitor Studies

Science Museum Journal

Museums and Social Issues


Journal of Museum Education

Broad Science Education:

Science Education

Journal of Research on Science Teaching

Education Science

STEM Education/research/outreach:

Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research

Journal of Research in STEM Education

Journal of STEM Outreach

Connected Science Learning (connects “formal” and “informal” settings)


Afterschool Matters


National Science Teachers Association: Journals for teaching Children, Middle School, High School, and College Students

Science Educator

The Ag Ed Magazine

Agricultural Education and Extension:

Journal of Agricultural Education

Journal of Human Sciences and Extension

Community Engagement (also see this document):

Journal of Higher Education and Outreach

Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship

International Journal for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement

Environmental Education:

Journal of Environmental Education

International Journal of Environmental and Science Education

Environmental Education Research

Environment and Behavior

Experiential Education:

Journal of Experiential Education

Inspired by these lists of Science Education Journals:


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GEO students visit UF labs

geo2017labvisitsOver the past few weeks, the Geoscience Engagement and Outreach (GEO) students from Santa Fe College have been visiting the labs of the UF mentors in preparation for selecting which mentors they want to work with. We tried this method this year after last year selecting students for research groups based on their interests expressed in their applications. The students, who started the program in January 2017, will start on their research with one of three mentors this week: me (far right, denim jacket), on geoscience education research; Cori Matyas (orange jacket), on hurricane research; or Jasmeet Judge (front row, jeans and white blouse), on soil hydrology. The program runs through the school year and summer, when students will work at the Orlando Science Center as interns, sharing the research work they’ve been doing with their audiences. Funded by the National Science Foundation as part of their Improving Undergraduate STEM Education – GEOPATHS program. 

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